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Expectations for RevEng Lab Use

The RevEng Lab is a small space that many students utilize. The space is primarily to support extracurricular activities. Please respect the lab and your peers by meeting the following expectations.

  1. Do not bring food or drink into the lab.
  2. Return all materials, furniture and equipment to its proper location. Materials and equipment may not be removed from the lab without prior approval from Dr. Olewnik.
  3. Clean up after using the lab.
  4. The lab is for ongoing approved projects or tinkering activities that have been approved by Dr. Olewnik. Please do not use the space for course projects or homework.
  5. Do not bring peers who do not have access into the lab.
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Lab orientation

Orientation is conducted by Zack Carey - Tue, Wed, Thu 5-8pm - in the Design Studio | RevEng Lab (416 Bonner).

Meet w/ Dr. Olewnik
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